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About the EPA

The Emerging Payments Association (EPA) is a commercial membership association of payments industry influencers.

The EPA runs more than 45 events each year, delivers projects to drive change, helps to connect the eco-system, encourages innovation and profitable business growth.

The EPA’s vision is for the UK to be the global hotspot for payments innovation. As it sets out to be the most influential trade body in emerging payments, the EPA’s mission, to collaborate to innovate, has the potential to improve lives everywhere.

We also have the support of UK government agencies, and regularly communicates with regulatory bodies to help advance payments innovation. The EPA is led by an independent Advisory Board and has the support of Benefactors such as MasterCard, The Bancorp, The Just Loans Group and SVS.

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Colechurch House

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T : +44 20 7378 9890

EPA is supported by our Benefactors

  • Founding Benefactor

  • Benefactors

    The Bancorp | SVS | The Just Loans Group

Testimonials From Our Clients

Start ups within the payments industry often find it difficult to find the right level of guidance, education and support to help them develop their businesses. It is therefore refreshing to find this type of business guidance at the Catalyst and MasterCard is keen to lend its support. We look forward to working with all the members of the Emerging Payments Association to make this innovation hub a success.

Scott Abrahams, Group Head of Acceptance and Emerging Payments, MasterCard UK&I

It was my first Analyst’s briefing this morning and it was absolutely fantastic. Very insightful and the calibre of discussion was nothing short of what I would expect from an EPA event.  Looking forward to the next one. Thank you.

Salim Dhanani, Business Development Manager, Carta Worldwide

Being a member of the Emerging Payments Association has accelerated the development of our business within a very short time. By helping us develop relationships in the emerging payments community and providing access to decision makers, the EPA team has streamlined the decision making process. EPA is a community that people enjoy: it’s work, outside of work.

Neil Harris, Head of Business Development - Payments, Bottomline Technologies

The community is critical and these kind of events (EP@Home) are invaluable.  Five years ago, no-one had heard of Ukash, or what we did.  Now we’re accepted in 36m outlets worldwide, I’m always having to turn down invitations to speak and we’re a very successful business.  And EPA has been instrumental in that growth, providing us with industry exposure and the contacts that have helped to propel us to success.

David Hunter, CEO, Ukash

Pay360 Innovate should be called Pay360 Invigorate.  Great content: full to the brim with the very latest ideas, concepts and pilots, all handled in such an interactive way – outstanding.

Brian Dunne, Managing Director, SVM Europe

Traditional marketing doesn’t work in this industry.  The payments industry is a community which is based on relationships.  EPA introduces you to people, points you in the right direction and makes quality, relevant introductions.

Blake McClelland, Business Development Director, Carta Worldwide

The data on Gift Card growth trends is absolutely spot on – thanks so much…this is really, really helpful.

Alistair Gordon, Managing Director, ValuAccess

EPA@Home events are a relaxed way to meet some new people over a drink.  I usually get introduced to half a dozen by the EPA team every month.

Ian Clowes
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