About us

The Emerging Payments Association (EPA) is a commercial membership association of payments industry influencers.

It runs more than 70 events each year, delivers eight projects to drive change, helps to connect the ecosystem, encourages innovation and profitable business growth.

The EPA’s vision is for the UK to be the global hotspot for payments innovation. As it sets out to be the most influential trade body in emerging payments, the EPA’s mission, to collaborate to innovate, has the potential to improve lives everywhere.

Its community is over 130 members strong and growing. Our members come from across the payments value chain; including payments schemes, banks and issuers, merchant acquirers, PSPs, retailers, and more. These companies have come together, from across the UK and internationally, to join our association, collaborate, and speak with a unified voice.

Together, transacting more than £6 trillion annually and employing more than 300,000 staff, we now have a significant influence over the industry’s future.

Tony Craddock

Director General

Sophia de Francesco

Head of Content

Maria Stavrou

Head of Operations

Keri Farrell

Commercial Director

Paula Callan

Marketing Manager

Amy Page

Senior Accounts Executive

Calum Stephens

Business Development Executive

Tanbir Uddin

Finance Executive

Malik Smith

Personal Assistant to Director General & Commercial Director

Nick May

Business Development