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October 29, 2020

PPS Powers Yolt’s First Card

PPS, formerly PrePay Solutions and subsidiary of Edenred, has announced that it is powering the first card created by Yolt, the smart money app, following the companies recent launch of its contactless debit Mastercard. This partnership was formed thanks to PPS’ years of experience powering payments cards and Yolt’s desire to expand beyond the confines of the digital space and into the physical one.

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Open Banking fails to meet targets

Despite having registered over two million users in the UK, Open Banking is still failing to meet its objectives of creating a more competitive retail banking landscape. Moorwand CCO Luc Gueriane and David Monty, Founder of Tell.Money, speak to Bobsguide.

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COVID19: E-commerce Nightmares and Surprises Series – Story 2

As #emerchants face high market volume and volatility, they will benefit from setting a North Star to focus on customer experience while effectively managing #fraud and #transaction risk. At Cybertonica, we create solutions on our SaaS/PaaS platform to make trust and frictionless commerce safe and secure for businesses and consumers. We know that outdated rules and operations can create almost Kafka-like situations. This happens through false positives and inappropriate rule-action that make consumers unhappy and businesses less profitable. We decided to collect stories from colleagues, friends and people in our network, including our customers and their clients, telling us how their e-commerce experience is going in this period. What we found was that there are both nightmares and nice surprises, but the payment experience is still far from perfect. 

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