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Buy vs. Build: the Million-Euro SCA Question

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In the case of Buy vs. Build, a quick SWOT analysis should help answer the following types of questions:

  1. Is this development strategic for our core offering?
  2. Do we have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to handle this development and its continued maintenance?
  3. What is the overall cost assessment for either option?

We understand that these questions are a bit generic and can therefore apply to any kind of software development. However, it becomes a bit trickier when talking about SCA because SCA is not just about technology – it sits somewhere between software and regulation.

At Okay, we’ve worked hard to develop a state-of-the-art SCA solution that delivers consistent benefits to our customers. Years of combined research, development and industry experience have sped up time-to-market delivery and helped us avoid SCA project pitfalls. The constant discussions we have with our customers also drive our roadmap so that any new development is industrialised and avoids lock-in.

Buy vs. Build will always be a tricky question to answer. And when it comes to SCA, the topic is complex because of the layer of regulation. Therefore, we believe that a company would be better off buying rather than building.

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Who is Okay?
Okay is the fully PSD2 compliant Strong Customer Authentication platform that provides transaction and authentication security to apps, shielding the entire authentication process from any threats. We help all issuers, remittance services, and e-wallet providers comply with PSD2’s SCA requirements to deliver multiple authentication methods, including biometrics and strong security mechanisms at the point of transaction. Want to get to know us better? Visit

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