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Digital banking has become part of European’s everyday life new study from Mastercard reveals

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Mastercard is the partner of choice for more than 60 digitized banks across Europe, more than twice as much as two years ago when the Digital Banking Study took place for the first time

* 84% pursue digital banking regularly, 63% use mobile banking apps from traditional banks, one in five from digital-only banks and almost two thirds expect the demand for digital banking solutions to even increase in the future

* More than half of Europeans say they will consider switching to a digital bank at some point

* Convenience remains the biggest advantage of digital banking solutions at a time when Europeans demand security more than ever as their most important criteria for using digital banking solutions (67%).

* While the large majority of people are not aware of the European open banking initiative (85%), almost half would welcome the services enabled by open banking (43%)

* Traditional and digital banks are by far the most trustful source for people when they search for information about managing their money

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