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Finally, a real alternative to cards

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After twenty years of progressively complex security fixes being applied to card and bank payments, making life more expensive and complex for both businesses and their customers, new open banking payments regulation and technology has allowed innovative regulated payments institutions, like Ordo, to start again from scratch, and get it right.

  • As bank and card payments have evolved over many years, new security gaps have been exposed,
  • With Ordo’s solutions neither the paying customer or the collecting business ever needs to be asked to provide Ordo with any card or bank details, eliminating an important vector for fraud.
  • When it comes to making the payment, the customer talks directly and securely with their bank using their normal mobile or online banking app.

There are now better payments solutions for businesses and their customers

Exploiting the regulation and technology of open banking, new regulated businesses like Ordo are now delivering businesses e-commerce and request for payment (contact centre) solutions that outperform card payments for them and their customers in every dimension.

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