Financial technology providers CREALOGIX, Entersekt, and Inventx offer a SaaS push notification-based authentication solution for digital banking

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The Swiss digital banking software provider CREALOGIX, in cooperation with Entersekt and Inventx, now offers financial institutions a new authentication option for mobile and desktop banking. The solution “pushTAN Authentication” makes authentication easier, safer and cheaper than before. The PSD2-compliant solution can be implemented with minimal effort and is available as a cloud solution.

Until recently, bank customers had to use either a TAN list on paper or an additional device such as a TAN generator for authentication. Increasingly this has been replaced by entering a transaction code that is sent to users via SMS message or in a separately installed mobile TAN app. Although more convenient,users of SMS or mobile TAN still have to switch between two separate apps – the mobile banking app that is requesting authentication, and the SMS or TAN app providing the code.

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