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How to avoid the payments transformation sinkhole

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You read about the challenges in the ebook, now hear the solutions for banks and building societies. In this session you’ll learn:

  • That customers mostly experience your brand through your payments experience. Backend inefficiencies now ruin reputation
  • How to identify quick wins and potential areas in need of innovation
  • How to fast-track payments technology innovation and delight your customers
  • What can de-rail your digitalisation

Getting payments right is getting tougher for established financial institutions. The vast majority of customer interactions with your brand happens in your payments experience, so you can’t afford for your payment processes to let you down.

To compound things further, you have to reduce costs and drive internal efficiencies. On the other, customers are demanding more functionality and increasingly prepared to leave you for your competitors.

For established banks and building societies who’ve embarked on cleaning up their payments experience, the prospect of digital overhaul is daunting. But fear not! In this virtual event, join two consultants, who regularly manage payment transformation projects, and hear their advice on how to avoid the various pitfalls and sinkholes.

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