How to build a better bank: Modulr’s step-by-step guide

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Mark your calendars, on July 23rd Modulr launches our 5-part series on how to build a world leading banking application.

You’ll learn how to unpick the most critical areas of developing a scalable, competitive banking product that is loved by consumers. We’re sharing our experience of working with the UK’s leading banking alternatives and the series will cover 5 parts:

1 – UX & Design

2 – Jargon buster: Who does what

3 – Licencing: what you need to know

4 – Accounts & Payments

5 – Picking the best products

+ BONUS Chapter

This guide is perfect for senior technology and finance leaders at the UK’s leading banking institutions as well as for those seeking to challenge the banking status quo. Would you be interesting in sharing it?

A link to register for access can be found here:


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