Moorwand to provide BIN sponsorship to crypto innovator HEdpAY

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AMSTERDAM, June 27, 2018: International payments company Moorwand has been chosen to provide BIN sponsorship to ground-breaking blockchain and crypto innovator HEdpAY.

HEdpAY’s blockchain solution will allow a user to transfer fiat money (Euros, Pounds and Dollars etc.) into crypto securely using their current account, the HEdpAY exchange and debit card.

HEdpAY is crowdfunding for its Blockchain offering and launching the HEdpAY Blockchain pre-ICO (initial coin offering) to the market at Blockchain Expo (Europe) 2018 in Amsterdam.

Moorwand’s unique approach to BIN sponsorship is enabling HEdpAY to issue physical and virtual cards that give users the ability to convert crypto and reload their card in real-time. HEdpAY is also using Moorwand’s e-money license to support its digital wallets.

Robert Courtneidge, CEO, Moorwand commented: “Moorwand is delighted to partner with HEdpAY as they enter the pre-ICO stage of their ground-breaking crypto offering. HEdpAY is a perfect example of the kind of pioneering company that Moorwand wants to support with our unique BIN sponsorship proposition for debit cards. We are proud to be joining HEdpAY at the official pre-ICO launch at Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam.”

Vicken Kaprelian, CEO, HEdpAY said: “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Moorwand whose unique approach to BIN sponsorship provides vital support to our programme. Our venture with Moorwand enables us to operate in a regulated environment whilst pushing the boundaries of traditional banking. As Diamond Sponsors at this year’s Blockchain Expo event, it is our pleasure to welcome Moorwand to the show as our partners.”

Blockchain Expo is being held in Amsterdam on June 27-28. HEdpAY and Moorwand can both be found at stand #233 of the show. For more information visit

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About Moorward

Moorwand Ltd. is an international business that provides payment services to merchants and customers in the EEA. They are licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (license #500709) as a regulated Electronic Money Institution to issue electronic money (e-money) and provide payment services throughout EEA.  They are principal members of Mastercard, Visa and Union Pay as an Issuer of payment cards and an Acquirer of payment transactions. For more information visit

About HedpAY

HEdpAY Ltd. is a financial institution offering innovative solutions aimed at revolutionising traditional banking markets. HEdpAY Blockchain enables users to transfer their fiat money (euros, pounds, dollars, etc.) into crypto quickly and safely using current accounts, debit cards and Exchange. HEdpAY gives investors exclusive opportunities to create their own blockchain and entrepreneurs to develop new projects (ICO) following detailed protocols. HEdpAY were one of the pioneering businesses to create investment funds in crypto. Their launch of pre-ICO to market in June 2018 will be the first to involve bonus tokens, instead of discount. Users will spend HEdpAY tokens both in ecommerce and in brick-and-mortar stores through their exclusive POS system. For more information visit


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