Stopping Online Fraud with XTN

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STOPPING FRAUD is a mature issue in online payment applications and services, and is based on well-conceived concepts such as profile-based analytics. But extending these techniques to web-based eCommerce has not been as straightforward, simply because attribution, network protocols, application credentials, and account management are so different from legacy approaches. Cybersecurity solutions for addressing web fraud have thus required creative algorithms and novel methods for detection, mitigation, and response. XTN Cognitive Security is an Italian firm that specializes in addressing fraud-related issues. Their platform is well-known in local Italian markets because of its integrated approach to fraud protection, smart authentication, and behavioral monitoring. We spent time with Guido Ronchetti of XTN Cognitive Security to learn more about their plans to extend their solution to an international market and how he sees the web-based fraud ecosystem evolving.

Read the interview on XTN’s website.

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