[Webinar] Expansion, compliance and competition roundtable: How to get ahead in international payments

Join us in this webinar where our experts will explore these themes.

– The compliance landscape: practical implications for financial institutions of developments such as Westpac’s fine by the Australian regulator, the largest fine in Australian corporate history, for failing to report international money transfers in a timely fashion, and due diligence failures / Wirecard fraud fallout / The FinCEN leak; investigations it may trigger into controls/governance.
– The effects so far of PSD2, and has there been a shift to multi-bank integration, what does this eco-system look like? What technology opportunities can be harnessed now, for what objectives?
– Tender processes and existing platform providers: Which questions to ask? Understanding the mapping process of platforms and their own suppliers; Tracking the lines of responsibility within your provider.

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A deckless virtual payments experience like no other 

Coming soon: We’re arranging a star-studded line up of industry greats, we’re concocting carefully crafted content and we’re sourcing superb swag.

For one afternoon only, receive a generous dose of high value payments entertainment. For CTOs, COOs, CFOs, Product Managers. If you like payments, this is what you should be doing on an early December afternoon.

No decks. No awful webinar platforms. Just pure payments discussion. The theme this year: Where’s the hidden cost in payments?

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Tomorrow’s Transactions Webinar

Have you registered for our Tomorrow’s Transactions events?
Join Dave Birch and colleagues from Consult Hyperion for our weekly webinars and fireside chats, to discuss transaction technologies and the issues our industry is facing. Every Thursday at 4 PM BST/11 AM EDT.

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Modulr becomes first non-bank or building society to launch Confirmation of Payee

Modulr is the first non-bank or building society to join the Confirmation of Payee service.
Confirmation of Payee allows users to check if the payment details they’ve entered for a person or business match the details held by the recipient’s bank.
This provides reassurance that payments are being sent to the right recipient and protects Modulr customers from certain types of payment fraud.

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Fuel Market Monitor Webinar – After Covid oil price crash: what’s next for fleets

Allstar Business Solutions is pleased to announce its latest webinar: ‘Fuel Market Monitor Webinar – After Covid oil price crash: what’s next for fleets’.

Taking place on Tuesday 21st July at 10am BST, the session will examine one of the most dramatic periods of the past few decades, and how the seismic impact of Covid-19 has reshaped the fuel and fleet landscape for the foreseeable future.

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Highlights from Cybertonica at Payment Systems Regulation and Innovation Online Conference

Cybertonica CEO and Co-Founder Joshua Bower-Saul along with Tony Craddock of Emerging Payments Association discussed the Impact of COVID-19 on Payments Security at Payment Systems Regulation and Innovation Online Conference on June 4th, 2020.
Hosted by City & Financial Global, Payment Systems Regulation and Innovation Online Conference focused on all aspects of payments innovations, including regulatory framework, in the context of the new challenges brought on by the current global crisis.

Issues covered in the event include: 

– Reducing the risk of fraud and cyber risk with and within the next generation of payments security 
– Shaping and re-shaping the payment industry: privacy, data access and regulatory considerations

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EWPN Ireland Virtual Meetup

Join fscom’s Alison Donnelly and Carol Rossborough of ESTHER for the second in our series of EWPN Ireland Virtual Meetups.

Register here… https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ewpn-ireland-virtual-meetup-tickets-111801617648

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