PSD2 is Live – What are merchants experiencing?

Ekata and Allyiz (formerly STRATGranat) interviewed top global merchants on their experiences now PSD2 is live. Download our latest eBook to understand what these merchants are seeing in the market – the ultimate temperature check on all the effort undertaken by the various payments players in the ecosystem.

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2021 Industry Outlook

What is the future for Industry post-pandemic?

Our strategists have performed a broad analysis of multiple data points for this report, helping form a clear picture of how different sectors are positioned for 2021 and provide guidance on questions such as:

Which sectors have benefited most in 2020?
Which are best placed for 2021 should lockdowns persist?
Where could we see acceleration post-pandemic, looking 3-5 years ahead?

Download the report to find out more!

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GBG State of Digital Identity Report

With half of consumers more likely to go cashless as a result of COVID-19 businesses can no longer shy aware from the concept of a digital-first business model. And as this focus shifts, the concept of identity intelligence has become a strategic imperative. In the GBG State of Digital Identity Report we dive into the digital accelerations, tomorrow’s threats and outline a blueprint for the next normal.

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Fraudster Hunter: Delivering a strategic advantage to financial organisations to stop fraud at the source

– Minimize the impact of fraud on legitimate customers
– Set honeytraps that can be used to detect and counteract fraudsters’ reconnaissance efforts and attacks against other banking customers
– Share account registration details, identities and locations with international police to show there are real world consequences to online fraud
– Make fraud less profitable and riskier for the perpetrators

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Konsentus Q3 2020 Third Party Provider Open Banking Tracker

The Konsentus Third Party Provider Open Banking tracker reports on the number of newly regulated Third Party providers being approved to provide services both in their Home jurisdiction and in other countries across the EEA. Our Q3 Tracker reports on the growth of newly regulated TPPs from 30th June 2020 to 30th September 2020.

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EPAM Continuum 2020 Consumer Banking Report

EPAM’s latest Consumer Banking research uncovered five audience segments based on key behaviour patterns and summarises the motivations, attitudes, needs and expectations for each segmen.t These research insights will help the banking industry better understand the evolving needs of their customers and how to better serve them.

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How the current landscape can help Financial Institutions to grow

It is expected that the volume of #InternationalPayments will grow in the upcoming years. However, those #FinancialInstitutions that do not adapt to the changes in the current landscape may miss this opportunity against the big players. How to be prepared? Our Karen Penney, VP of Payment Products, shares her views.

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The EPA EU releases its seminal whitepaper on the European Payments Landscape

The EPA EU releases its seminal whitepaper on the European Payments Landscape, it offers a general overview of the current European Payment dynamics and evolutions.
Moreover, the whitepaper provides comparison elements between the different parts of the European Union while putting the European situation in perspective with other continents.
Certainly, the EPA EU whitepaper is an essential reading for anyone eager to have a general glimpse over the payment landscape in Europe as well as for payment professional requiring in depth information’s over specific areas.

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Open banking API calls – what lies ahead?

Key findings:
– By December 2020, the total number of monthly API calls across the EEA is expected to reach between 2.8bn (5% adoption rate) and 3bn (20% adoption rate); with Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy all experiencing over 300m calls per month.
– By December 2021, Germany, France and Italy will join the UK in experiencing monthly volumes in excess of 500m (even with the lowest adoption rate of 5%).
– By December 2022, with our lowest projections of a 5% adoption rate, Germany and the UK should be experiencing monthly transaction volumes in excess of 1bn. If the adoption rate is as high as 20%, Spain, France, Italy and Poland will also experience monthly volumes in excess of 1bn.

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