Bluechain technology powers solutions for the payments industry, from low-cost domestic payment schemes for national switches to payment and finance services for suppliers, retailers, and consumers.

At the core of Bluechain is our secure Request to Pay (R2P) platform that binds the payment with bill presentment in a secure and efficient process. This delivers the same, easy experience to every user whether they are paying with a card, bank account or other stored value. The Bluechain mobile payment app is used for every transaction, so users enjoy one, simple experience whether they are paying in-store, purchasing online, paying bills or sending money. R2P payment technology accelerates the digitisation of payments allowing the user to seamlessly switch between the buyer or seller role taking advantage of their smart devices without the need for additional hardware. This combination of simplicity, security, visibility and lower costs provides the platform for real payments change.

The Bluechain solution launched in Australia in early 2019. Our partnerships enable our customers to simplify payments, realise benefits or rewards from American Express, Visa and Mastercard, and to streamline accounts payable processing from Xero using the Bluechain mobile app.


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