buguroo is a Madrid-based company, specializing in digital fraud prevention using Behavioral Biometrics and Malware Detection technology, with over 40 banking customers across Europe and Latin America, protecting well over 50 million consumers. Our fraud prevention approach, based on our 15 years experience, is to create a unique profile for each individual customer using thousands of parameters relating to the customer’s behavioral biometrics and environment, including smartphone and mouse movements, keystrokes, device profiling, and geolocation and malware records. The result of this analysis translates into a technological risk verdict on the session, which makes it possible to take the correct action regarding suspicious or anomalous user behaviors.

Through these unique approachs, we are able to protect against any cyber threats involving identity theft or customer manipulation in the entire banking session including Account Takeover, Malware known or unknown, SIM swaps, Remote Access Trojans, New Account Fraud and more.

In addition to protecting the end user, we enhanced the user experience using a reduction in authentication challenges, without obliging users to install anything or store private user data, and all fully compliant with the GDPR and PSD2.