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At Cashplus, we believe banking services shouldn’t get in the way of life – they should enrich it. So, although we’re not a bank, we’ve spent the past 12 years creating banking services that are fast, smart and simple to compete with the High Street banks. Services that strive to ensure our business and personal customers aren’t slowed down, but propelled forward.

Now trading and marketing as Cashplus, we’re proud to be the first choice for customers who agree that ‘no’ is not an option and now is never soon enough. Be it the innovators, taking their first brave steps on the journey to entrepreneurship, or the savvy online shoppers protective of their personal details and wages. We’ve been leading the Fintech revolution since before ‘Fintech’ was a thing.

From introducing the first UK prepaid card in 2005, to being the first non-bank to offer a current account, we’ve been ahead of the curve for as long as we’ve been around. Our 1.3 million customers and nearly £8 billion in payments processed to date are proof that it’s possible to be both profitable as well as pioneering.