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Founded in 2005 with headquarters in Toronto and offices located in Austin, London and Dublin.

Ethoca established itself as an innovative, one-of-a-kind global collaboration-based technology services company tackling the major issues and opportunities in CNP payments. Ethoca’s network consists of card issuing banks and online merchants working cooperatively together through a single, automated, secure connection outside the payment networks stream to their mutual benefit.

It’s well known that countless times a day, card issuers all over the world confirm and identify fraudulent and/or suspicious transactions that have gone through merchant systems undetected, resulting in unnecessary financial losses, administrative costs and frustrations for the merchants. Those participating on Ethoca’s platform benefit greatly as these financial losses are largely reduced and turns years of frustration into celebrations by uniquely bridging the information gap that’s existed between the two parties that have the financial liability for the transactions – merchants and card issuers.

We’re making a meaningful difference. Contact us to find out what card issuer-to-merchant collaboration can do for you and your company’s bottom line!