Monneo offers ecommerce merchants access to virtual IBANs and digital banking services from established banks across Europe. We offer our services directly to online merchants and through a network of payment service providers such as ISOs, PSPs and acquirers.


We understand how established banks work. We know why they find it difficult to offer banking services directly to ecommerce merchants. Through the Monneo platform and our rigorous approach to regulatory compliance, we reduce risk for traditional banks. We break down legacy barriers to connect online merchants with leading European banks.


Through a single reliable Monneo interface, merchants can access virtual IBANs that support incoming and outgoing payments. They can choose a single IBAN account from one bank or open multiple IBANs across our network of banks across Europe.


From a virtual IBAN account, merchants can:


  • Access international payment schemes including SWIFT, SEPA, Faster Payments and CHAPS
  • Make payments in 134 currencies
  • Issue a Mastercard debit card linked to the IBAN account


Merchants can monitor and control access to their reporting with one log-in, even when accounts are provided by multiple banks including assigning user access to different IBANs and setting rules at user-level.


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