One platform, multiple banks

Monneo connects merchants to multiple bank accounts through a single interface. Ecommerce merchants can gain access to virtual IBANs and digital banking services from multiple European and international banks. We offer our services directly to online merchants and through a network of referral partners such as ISOs, PSPs and acquirers.

Monneo unlocks choice for merchants and allows them to obtain trustworthy virtual IBANs from well-established banks with different payment options including:

  • SWIFT multi-currency for international payments
  • SEPA Euro within the Euro zone
  • GBP Faster Payments and CHAPS in the UK
  • FX Payments

The Monneo solution consists of a combination of virtual IBANs and card issuing.

With Monneo merchants can apply for multiple virtual IBANs provided by a network of leading European and international banks and issued in their company name. Every virtual IBAN is linked to a Monneo safeguarding bank account so client’s funds are safe and secure.

Card issuing allows merchants to apply for a corporate Visa debit card(s) through the Monneo platform. Monneo Visa card(s) are linked to the total balance of all IBANs a merchant has across all banks within Monneo’s network.

With our services, online merchants can receive settlement funds from their acquirers and PSPs  and send transfers out in 130+ currencies to their suppliers, affiliates and vendors internationally. Monneo allows merchants to monitor and control access to their reporting with a single log-in, even when their accounts are provided by multiple banks.

Get in touch to learn more about how Monneo can help you to improve how to serve your eCommerce business.


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