The digital upgrade of the traditional charity box, Pennies is a simple way to give that is raising millions for charity.

In our first 5 years, consumer donations made to the digital charity box raised £6,000,000 for more than 100 UK charities. The Pennies movement is growing faster than ever, with over 10 million individual micro-donations made in the past 12 months alone. But of course, we haven’t done this alone.

Supporters, partners and experts across sectors have helped make the Pennies movement a reality, contributing to an innovative digital eco-system that is providing a sustainable source of funding for charities. And with your help we can keep growing the movement, for the benefit of the whole UK charity sector.

Organisations and individuals from retail, hospitality, payments, financial services and beyond can all play a roll in unlocking the power of technology for social good through Pennies. Get in touch to be part of the next chapter: we look forward to having you on board.


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