Privat 3 Money

Privat 3 Money (P3) is an FCA authorized E-Money Institution that offers a digital banking alternative to global citizens and corporates.

We are offering an intuitive platform for all of our customers’ financial needs to manage multi-currency accounts, payments, foreign exchange, and debit cards.

Our partnership with innovators and market leaders in remote ID verification, AML transaction monitoring, and card issuance is allowing us to fast track new functionalities to our platform and adapt to the needs of our clientele in the shortest span.

P3’s team is creative and passionate about the payment and banking landscape. We aim to deliver a digitally personalized and efficient experience to all customers based on transparency.


Privat3 Money announces launch of a new Mobile App

by Susana Nalkatani Cortes
Privat 3 Money

Privat 3 Money picks Napier for AML


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