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Westminster eForum: Next steps for online gambling regulation in the UK – advertising, protecting vulnerable groups and sustainable sector growth

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This timely seminar will focus on the next steps for the regulation of online gambling in the UK - with discussion expected on protecting vulnerable groups, advertising and sustainable sector growth.

Taking place following the launch of the Gambling Commission’s new three-year National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms - which was released in April 2019 and set out the Commission’s approach to reduce gambling harms - this conference will provide an opportunity to assess the progress that has been made so far towards this goal and discuss the key next steps for its implementation.

Delegates will discuss the key priorities for meeting strategic priority areas highlighted in the Gambling Commission’s Strategy - prevention and education, and treatment and support - with discussion on the role of research, public health and partnerships.

With the Commission’s Strategy exploring the establishment pf a new National Research Centre and National Data Repository to support current and future research; Public Health England set to undertake the first ever evidence review on the public health harms of gambling - and with the ongoing work of the Gambling Research Exchange (GREO) in supporting the dissemination of research - attendees will discuss the role of research in informing better policy in this area.

Delegates will also assess the effectiveness of the steps being taken to work in partnership with those in the NHS and across public health - following the recent announcement that up to 14 new NHS clinics will open - starting this summer - as part of the Long Term Plan for the NHS, which set out the NHS plan for better access to mental health services.

In the context of the Advertising Standards Authority’s new guideline’s to protect children and young people from irresponsible gambling adverts - which came into effect in April and included guidelines for Social media and online gaming - delegates will discuss priorities for protecting vulnerable groups online.

This will include discussion around targeting users who are likely to be under 18 based on online data collection, content regulation - particularly around the use of figures in adverts that are likely to appeal to children - and new strategies for ensuring compliance, such as the ASA’s use of child avatars to seek out adverts that appeared on openly accessible websites.

Delegates will also discuss the key priorities for ensuring a safer gambling environment - with discussion around the strengthening of age-verification rules for online gambling and the proposed Government ban on gambling with credit cards.

The role of voluntary measures and the industry response will also be assessed - following a commitment from leading gambling companies to increase the voluntary levy they pay from 0.1% of annual UK revenue to 1% within five years - as part of a broader package of measures that also include plans to increase safer gambling messages in adverts and review the "tone and content" of marketing and sponsorship material.

Sessions will also examine the key challenges facing retail gambling sector and how it is adapting in the current regulatory climate - including considering alternative revenue streams that are required to put the sector on a sustainable footing for the future and the and the impact of shifts towards online gambling on the wider sector.

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