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Current challenges facing payments businesses

Customer Disputes – A review of Chargebacks and Double Credits – An EPA Whitepaper

This whitepaper sheds light on the unprecedented and sudden rise in customers claiming double refunds or ‘double credits’ through chargebacks and alternative avenues, particularly from the travel, hospitality, and entertainment sectors due to the pandemic. The paper identifies best practices and makes a series of recommendations on how to improve the customer dispute process for all stakeholders in the payments value chain.

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Training Session Three – fscom

Day 4 of PAY360 Virtual Conference:

Training Session Three: MT Global, Lessons learned – HMRC fined FX and Payments firm MT Global with a huge £23m fine, what are the lessons you should take from this.

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Training Session Two – fscom

Day 4 of PAY360 Virtual Conference

Training Session Two: Planning your own demise…Wind down planning – No one wants to plan for failure but the FCA is asking you to, this is what you need to know

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Thought Leadership Session: Customer Disputes, Chargebacks and Double Credits

Day 2 of PAY360 Virtual Conference:

Be the first to hear the results of primary research completed by the EPA into the increasingly important topic of customer disputes, the chargeback process and instances of double credits being issued for the same disputed transaction. Our expert panel of network, issuer, merchant acquirer and solution provider will discuss the topic, hear how COVID has amplified the problem, identify reasons for double credits and make recommendations for improvements to benefit all stakeholders.

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SCA Masterclass – Navigating through the many challenges of SCA

Day 2 of PAY360 Virtual Conference:

This short masterclass is designed to give insights to Payment Service Providers about the many challenges brought by the implementation of PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication.

Stakeholders and decision makers at PSPs should have a better understanding of SCA to better plan ahead and make the right decisions.

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Keynote Presentation: Innovate to Include – why the focus of 2021 needs to be on inclusion with Kelly Devine, Mastercard

Day 1 of PAY360 Virtual Conference:

The pandemic has exposed the link between poverty and digital exclusion and highlighted the digital divide in society. What can the industry do to ensure everyone is prepared for a digital future and no one is left behind?

Watch this session to hear how businesses, government and civil society can work together to innovate and tackle financial and digital exclusion.

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Fintech 2030: The Industry View

Industry views are captured in this report, which is essential reading for fintech and finance professionals looking to understand the biggest challenges and opportunities ahead.

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