PSD2 is Live – What are merchants experiencing?

Ekata and Allyiz (formerly STRATGranat) interviewed top global merchants on their experiences now PSD2 is live. Download our latest eBook to understand what these merchants are seeing in the market – the ultimate temperature check on all the effort undertaken by the various payments players in the ecosystem.

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Female Finance in Figures

An increasing number of financial service providers are offering financial services specifically for women. This can be seen as part of a broader trend towards

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2021 Industry Outlook

What is the future for Industry post-pandemic?

Our strategists have performed a broad analysis of multiple data points for this report, helping form a clear picture of how different sectors are positioned for 2021 and provide guidance on questions such as:

Which sectors have benefited most in 2020?
Which are best placed for 2021 should lockdowns persist?
Where could we see acceleration post-pandemic, looking 3-5 years ahead?

Download the report to find out more!

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