Virtual Trade Mission to Hong Kong

2 - 3 NOVEMBER 2020

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Delegate Benefits include:

  • One Delegate login to the platform
  • Access to Delegate Welcome Party
  • Access to content from Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney
  • Access to all networking events
  • 3 months FREE membership to EPA
  • 6 months FREE membership to EPA Asia members level – worth $5000 USD
  • Access to Fintech clinics
  • One-2-One meeting with Local Businesses
  • Pitch your organisation to Vendor Capitalist/Local Business
  • Access to Hong Kong Fintech 2020 virtual event 2-6 Nov
  • Entry in Bio Book


Day 1

Welcome Remarks 

Delegates will be updated on where Hong Kong is now with Covid-19, how the economy is holding up and changing as well as the payments industry. This session will include a Q&A session. 

Moderator: Kevin Mcadam, Emerging Payments Association 

Speaker: Benjamin Quinlan, Fintech Association of Hong Kong 

Networking with InvestHK 

Panel discussion followed by Q&A  

Specific discussions areas for input by the panel should include:  

  • HK has a high card penetration and savvy population, so next generation technology through software solutions and ID verification will be at forefront – How will this drive ID verification change?  
  • Mobile payments and cross-border are hygiene factors in HK, so will be expected to be standard offering – what is the future for these products?  
  • Next phase on Virtual Banking licences (Stored Value Facility) will drive customer service so Open Banking will be adopted and ISO20022 is already accepted coding – What Open Banking services are expected to be adopted?  
  • Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) have developed a multi-year digital programme which will encourage innovation with crypto currency and blockchain along with other emerging payments solutions – What is the likely speed of adoption and change? 



Helene Li, Fintech Association of Hong Kong 

Keynote from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority followed by Q&A. 

Specific areas the presentation could include:  

  • Smart banking through the virtual banking licence program has opened-up the market and encouraged collaboration between banks and FinTech’s (Development of Payment Rails) – How does HKMA see this expand further?  
  • Data localisation restrictions and data management are under increased pressure. DP laws currently have no restrictions covering the transfer of personal data, so expect data controls to be tightened with Section 33 being adopted, which will further encourage ID schemes – What further activity is planned?  
  • HKMA has conducted Blockchain pilot including a joint project with the Bank of Thailand on implementing Central Bank Digital Currency in cross-border payments –How will this operate in HK and across APAC?  
  • Increased focus on support with demand for ID technology – What innovation is being explored in this area? 

Networking with InvestHK

Breakout session, we divide the group into 4’s and have an organisation to talk to each group explain their journey warts and all. 

Keynote from the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park and Cyberport followed by Q&A: 

Latest developments in the region and planned post Covid-19 world 

Moderator: Kevin Mcadam, Emerging Payments Association

Keynote discussion followed by Q&A 

Moderator: Kevin Mcadam, Emerging Payments Association

Keynote by Q&A 

Moderator: Kevin Mcadam, Emerging Payments Association 

Tony Craddock, Director General, EPA 

John Ryan, Director General, Emerging Payments Association Asia 

Day 2

Each delegate will be able to have an option to have 2 x 30 minute one-2-one meetings from a selection of business who have agreed to participatesession will include a Q&A session.

Each delegate organisation will get the chance to pitch their company to a panel of VC/local business. Each organisation will get a maximum of 7 minutes to pitch their idea followed by 8 mins of Q&A

Delegates will be able to select who they wish to have a one-2-one with from a list of prior to the event.

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