Project Banking Access

Mission Statement: Provide practical support for licensed institutions (EMIs, PIs, banks) and businesses to help them get and keep accounts with those ‘open for business’
Strategy & Approach 2021:
  • Update the ‘EPA Guide to Payment Account Providers’
  • Collaborate with AFEP and project members to leverage networks and contacts built with Banks, in order to update details of banks in V1 and to seek new banks for V2
  • Collaborate with EPA’s Project Inclusion and The Inclusion Foundation
  • Collate further information from U.K. and European banks in regards to their approach to PSD2 Art 36 (Reg 105 PSRs) and PSRs SD1
  • Work with Project Regulator to engage with the FCA and the PSR:
    • Enhance the industry data on access to payment accounts
    • Understand regulatory expectations in reporting for banks across Europe


Project Banking Access Team


Mitch Trehan – Head of UK Compliance, Banking Circle

Team Members

Phil Davies – Managing Director, PSI-Pay

Bob Blower – Strategic Advisor, Choice International

Ian Moore – Head of Banking Relationships, Paysafe

Noah Sharpe – Chief Banking Officer, Paysafe

Mark Hewlett – Independent

Liz Allison – Operations Manager, AFEP

Andrea Dunlop – EPA Advisory Board, EPA

Philip Bowkley – Managing Director | Global Head of Financial Institutions Group, Barclays 

Luc Gueriane – CCO, Moorwand