Project Financial Crime

This project gives professionals with the passion and enthusiasm to reduce financial crime the opportunity to network with, share expertise and learn from like minded people and invited external guests. We produce thought leader guides on crucial financial crime topics for members and influencers in the sector. A fantastic opportunity to help determine policies to defeat criminals who increasingly use technology to conceal their activities. We aim to ensure the good guys keep one step ahead.

Jane Jee, Project Lead
Mission Statement: To deliver community-driven solutions that address the problems posed by digital and financial criminal activity and position the EPA and its members as leaders in tackling financial crime

Strategy and Approach 2021:

Digital Identity sub-group

  • Development of a clickable demo on digital identity, providing examples of different customer experiences/journeys
  • Following the successful publication of the EPA’s ‘Guidebook to Digital Identification and Authentication’ commissioned by CHYP March 2020
  • Publish quarterly paper on the state of the Digital Identity Market in the U.K.

Consumer Guidance sub-group

  • Review current Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes
  • Create advisory piece on DMARC technology to issue to EPA members
  • Provide a platform of resources on DMARC technology to EPA members in partnership with Global Cyber Alliance

Data Sharing Sub-Group:

  • Pen Open Letter to the government on SARs reform
  • Publish report on data sharing vs. data privacy, an important battle when fighting financial crime

Wider Industry Work:

  • Engage with organisational bodies
  • National Crime Agency – UK Financial Intelligence Unit
  • Collaborate with NCA in regard to their recent work on Combatting child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSAE) in the payments industry
  • UK Finance Working Group on Financial Crime
  • Joint Fraud Taskforce Meeting (JTF)
  • Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

Project Financial Crime Team


Jane Jee – CEO, Kompli-Global


John Davies – CEO, The Just Loans Group

Team Members

Jonathan Jensen – Commercial Director Identity, GBG

Philip Creed – Director of fscom

Katie Hamilton – Manager, Group Fraud Industry Developments, Lloyds

Andrew Churchill – Director, Technology Strategy, Kompli – Global

Victoria Preece – Compliance Manager, allpay

Alison Clair – Mortgage Fraud, External Relations, Lloyds

Asaf Yacobi – Presales Director, Buguroo

Verity Snelson – Risk Intelligence Manager, Refinitiv

Steve Pannifer – Chief Operating Office, Consult Hyperion

Aravind Narayan – Solution Consultant, Refinitiv

Tim Ayling – Vice President EMEA, Buguroo

Fabien Ignaccolo – CEO, Okay

Regina Marjanovics – Refinitiv

Anthony Gudgeon – Fraud Manager, Contis

Anish Prashar – Cybertonica

Rasa Striukaite – Digital Marketing and Operations, Cybertonica