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Project Futures

Mission Statement: To provide insight and thought leadership on the implementation, adoption, and scalability, of innovation and technology, while firmly positioning the EPA ad its members on the cutting-edge of payments.

Members of the Emerging Payments Association have frequently enquired as to why the Emerging Payments Association does not have a project that is centred around and focused on technology – specifically new, disruptive technologies. In light of this, the EPA has developed a project known as Project Futures. The purpose of Project Futures is to provide members of the Emerging Payments association with insight and thought leadership on: new innovations and technological developments, emerging market trends, and the prospective future regulatory landscape in payments.

Project Futures will achieve this by acting as a catalyst for future-gazing on issues likely to affect members and the wider payments industry and to serve as a think tank on emerging payments. The ultimate outcome from the delivery of this project is to add value to the EPA’s membership offering by promote Emerging within the EPA’s name. In striving to do so, the project will firmly position the association and its members at the cutting-edge of the payments industry.

Project Futures will deliver this through a series of workshops that will identify from these drivers; who is impacted, why is it an issue, what technologies are organisations looking at to resolve this business driver, how they are impacted, and what barriers lie ahead.

Outline Deliverables

  • Quarterly member workshops, each on a different topic falling within scope of the strategic objectives.
  • Publish a series of post-workshop papers within one month of each workshop for distribution to members. Select one impactful extended paper a year for public distribution.