Project International Trade

Mission Statement: To encourage trade between EPA members and organisations that use payments outside the UK, stimulates the adoption of new payments products and service sin emerging markets, and provides access to market intelligence and guidance.

Project International Trade is focused on:
1) To encourage the growth of early stage FinTech and PayTech companies around the world through the support offered by the EPA
2) To support trade between organisations and EPA members that use payments outside the EU
3) To promote awareness of the EPA as the global hub for payments expertise and innovation
4) To stimulate the adoption of new payments products and services in emerging markets
5) To collaborate and innovate with EPA Partner Associations now established in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe and provide insight between associations on market opportunities
6) To influence external stakeholders with government, third sector and other association bodies (both UK and non-UK) to support payment development and policy

Project International Trade will continue to collaborate with government departments and trade bodies to provide access to EPA members for trade missions to emerging markets. Project International Trade will also call for the sharing of information by external shareholders and across the project team membership to highlight which markets present the most opportunity and growth potential to EPA members. This information sharing will include case-studies (commercial and/or regulatory) that highlight good practice, showcase successful market penetration from UK payments organisations, and provide guidance on how to secure investment. The project will highlight data and evidence-based research – either generated from project-produced reports or championing research through thought leadership content.

Through Project International Trade, the EPA will create a proactive approach to engaging with the partner associations – providing guidance to partner association members on how to engage with the UK payments industry, share knowledge on the barriers and challenges to entry, and to participate in partner association activities (such as events) to promote UK FinTech and PayTech.

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“It was a pleasure to be a part of this lively debate around FinTech with some of the UK’s brightest minds from the financial sector. These events with key industry leaders are what helps to cement London as the FinTech capital of the world”​

Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs​

Project International Trade is supported by our Benefactor:

Project International Trade Team

Project Lead:

Kevin McAdam – Independent

Project Mentor:

Scott Abrahams – Senior Vice President, Mastercard

Project Support:

Lorraine Campbell – Senior Marketing and Events Manager at GPS 

Karen Mitchell – Independent

Camilla Bullock – Director General, EPA Asia

Emily Boyd – Director, Strategic Issuer Relationships, Mastercard