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Project International Trade

Mission Statement: To promote trade between the UK PayTech industry and organisations in countries outside the EU including Far East Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

It was a pleasure to be a part of this lively debate around FinTech with some of the UK’s brightest minds from the financial sector. These events with key industry leaders are what helps to cement London as the FinTech capital of the world” – Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs

Project International Trade’s goal is to promote London as the focal point of the PayTech industry with operators beyond the Euro zone. It will offer expertise, innovation and education from product to regulation and create routes to market for EPA members.

Project International Trade will target Far East Asia, CEE, Africa, Latin America and address four key objectives:

1. To support the growth of early stage FinTech companies around the world

• To set up a FinTech Regulation Helpline service (delivered by Banking Circle) to help Fintechs navigate new payments-related regulations
• Launch and promote EPA FinTech ScaleUp Membership to support the growth of FinTech companies around the world
• Provide a special rate for international fund transfers for EPA Fintech ScaleUp Members (delivered by Banking Circle)
• Promote leading EPA Fintech ScaleUp members at the EPA annual PAY360 conference in March 2018

Project International Trade Team


Kevin McAdam – Vice President Card Services & Global Strategy, Global Processing Services


Anders la Cour – CEO, Banking Circle


Pavle Ljujic – Co-Founder, Pannovate
Stewart Davies – Director of Sales, Agiliti, Fiserv
Anne Coat – Sales Executive, Arkea Banking Services
Warren Russell – CEO, W2 Global Data Solutions
Norah Prida Bay – Founder & CEO, New Finance
Kriya Patel, Managing Director – Transact Payments
Mark Sperring – Strategic Partner Development, ACI Worldwide
Katy Lawrie – Senior Product Manager, Thomas Cook Money

2. To encourage trade between organisations that use payments outside the EU and EPA members

• Establish a match-making service to connect EPA members with payments service users, promoted on EPA’s web site and delivered by the EPA
• Develop stronger ties with Fintech associations and regulators in emerging markets (such as Fintech HK and Monetary Authority of Singapore) to facilitate trade

3. To promote awareness of the EPA as the global hub for payments

• Develop stronger ties with government agencies focused on the development of UK entities within emerging
• Deliver webinars on payments topics relevant to specific markets, subject to sponsorship

4. To stimulate the adoption of new payments products and services in emerging markets

• Launch new ‘EPA Partner Associations’ in CEE and Africa (called ‘EPA CEE’ and ‘EPA Africa’)
• Evaluate the viability of other regions for other EPA Partner Associations
• Engage in trade missions to emerging markets to promote the innovations and services of EPA members


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