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Project Regulator

Mission Statement: To ensure a level playing field for non-bank PSPs and EMIs in the UK.

Project Regulator focuses on shaping and forming regulation around payments and the payments industry in the UK to resolve the concerns and problems faced by our members. Project Regulator aims to ensure that the UK becomes a nurturing environment for developing and established payments companies and maintain the UK’s thriving payments ecosystem.

Through a unified voice of our members, the EPA aims to influence regulatory and government bodies to shape regulation and influence legislation that fits the needs of our members and provides an environment that enables the growth and proliferation of payments and PayTech organisations

Areas of Focus

  • Facilitating the commentary of all payments players into NPA
  • Voicing the importance of passporting and its potential loss on our industry
  • Improving understand of banking terminology for those outside the industry

Project Regulator will deliver the following in 2018:

Project Regulator Team


Alison Donnelly – Head of Advisory, fscom


Myles Stephenson – CEO, Modulr


Robert Courtneidge – CEO, Moorwand
Simon Hanson – Regulatory Manager, NPSO
Steven Fuse – Compliance & Risk Assurance, Fiserv
Annette Prinz Nielsen – General Counsel, Saxo Payments Banking Circle
Iana Dimitrova – General Counsel, Ozan
Reynir Bjarni Egilsson – Head of Product Management, Valitor

  1. Address the calls for consultation from the regulatory bodies and institutions such as Bacs, CHAPS, SWIFT and Faster Payments. Responses to these consultations will allow members of the EPA to speak with a common voice.
  2. Provide clear-cut policy statements on what passporting means for Financial Services and Payments industry to be used in response to governmental and regulatory policy
  3. Develop a consumer education piece on banking terminology and work with regulatory bodies to better define payments and banking terms for the modern age
  4. Create a briefing paper on what the New Payments System Operator and New Payments Architecture means for all players within the industry

Project Regulator is supported by our Benefactor: