Project Transaction Insights

Mission Statement: To provides merchants with access to resources enabling them to make sound business choices in payments in order to satisfy consumer needs and retain customers, and showcases case studies of PayTech adoption.

The EPA has engaged with merchants and has learnt that, in highly competitive marketplaces, they find it increasingly difficult to understand how they can acquire new customers, retain existing customers and meet their expectations through the deployment of new payments technologies.

The EPA also understands that merchants may not know how to navigate new regulation (i.e. PSD2), and may not know how to take advantage of (or overcome the hurdles of) payments regulation and create a competitive edge.

Merchants have also told us that they do not feel that their voice is heard when new payments regulation is deployed, or where to go for impartial advice.

Project Transaction Insights provides merchants with access to a resource enabling them to make sound business choices in payments in order to satisfy consumer needs and retain customers

The project aims to:

  • Increase understanding of payments technology (PayTech)
  • Promote adoption of payments innovations
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Provides access to the emerging payments community


Project Audience

Large and medium-sized merchants. This may include retail, hospitality, utilities, travel and other businesses of this size that accept and make payments for goods and services.

Project Activities

The project will:

  • Provide educational resources
  • Share regulatory requirements and opportunities available
  • Encourage knowledge sharing
  • Advocate stronger security
  • Showcase case studies of PayTech adoption

Project International Trade is supported by our Benefactor:

Project Retail Team

Jessica Carroll – Head of Marketing, Judopay

Monica Eaton-Cardone – Chief Operating Officer, Chargebacks911

Project Team
Tracy Cray – Director of Card Scheme Compliance, Chargebacks911
Jeremy Nicholds – Chief Executive Officer, Judopay
Verity Billington – Marketing and Brand Communications Manager, Chargebacks911
Steve Wilks – Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, For Good Causes
Mark McMurtrie – Director, Payments Consultancy