Virtual Trade Mission to Singapore

26 - 28 OCTOBER  2020

Our partners

“It is a pleasure to be delivering the inaugural Emerging Payments Association (EPA) Trade Mission to Singapore. We look forward to welcoming delegate companies to our virtual market briefing and facilitating meetings with potential partners, whilst building the profile and strength of the UK FinTech sector in Singapore..”

David Kelly, Executive Director, British Chamber of Commerce, Singapore

Delegate Benefits include:

  • One Delegate login to the platform
  • Access to Delegate Welcome Party
  • Access to content from Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney
  • Access to all networking events
  • 3 months FREE membership to EPA
  • 6 months FREE membership to EPA Asia members level – worth $5000 USD
  • Access to Fintech clinics
  • One-2-One meeting with Local Businesses
  • Pitch your organisation to Vendor Capitalist/Local Business
  • Access to Hong Kong Fintech 2020 virtual event 2-6 Nov
  • Entry in Bio Book


Day 1

Welcome Remarks 

Delegates will be updated on where Singapore is now with Covid-19, how the economy is holding up and changing as well as the payments industry. This session will include a Q&A session. 

Moderator: Kevin Mcadam, Emerging Payments Association 

Speaker: Camilla Bullock, Emerging Payments Association Asia 

Networking with Mastercard  

Panel discussion followed by Q&A  

Specific discussion areas for input by the panel should include:  

  • The Payment Services Act (PSA) provides for regulatory certainty and consumer safeguards, while encouraging innovation and growth of payment services and Fintech. It is expected the new act will have far-reaching impact within Singapore, as this will shake up the financial services and banking sector with developments across the payment eco-system through improved legislation framework for PSPs, and provides much needed regulation covering Digital Payment Tokens and increased focus on AML and Counter Financial Terrorism, user authentication, data loss protection and cyber-attack prevention – Is this a common held view, and has this been the case?  
  • MAS has launched a new Sandbox express regime to bring innovative products and services to market quicker – Has this been achieved?  
  • PSA brings new changes in respect to data management under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012. The requirement to gather consent at data collection by introducing the concept of legitimate interest for businesses, mandatory breach notification requirements, introduction of data portability and innovation provisions, whereby the ability of individuals to request businesses to provide them a copy of the data and transmit data to another business – Now much closer to GDPR, how has this been received within Singapore by business and consumers?  
  • Changes impacting Account Issuance, domestic Money transfer including payment kiosk services, Cross Border and e-Money Issuance have been introduced – What has been the impact?  
  • MAS is influential across APAC so does the panel expect elements of the PSA to be adopted in other APAC countries, much like the influence of PSD2 outside Europe?  

Moderator: Zennon Kapron, Director, Kapronasia 

Speakers: Mastercard 

Keynote from the ASEAN Financial Innovation Network (AFIN) followed by Q&A.  

Specific areas for the presentation could include:  

  • Singapore continues to be a driving force within the APAC region with 119 foreign commercial banks, of which 28 are Full banks, 54 are Wholesale, and 37 are Offshore. The launch of two digital banking licences and three wholesale licences, will allow non-banking operators to offer digital services. Chosen operators launch in Summer 2021 – What will this do for the eco-system and Open Banking?  
  • Singapore has a savvy tech population adopting digitalisation. To support the advanced and evolving eco-system, MAS has developed an API Playbook in collaboration with the Association of Banks in Singapore to encourage banks to open up their systems and services in an innovative way. Businesses also need to consider the connectivity to Open Banking infrastructure and standardisation where required. ISO20022 is being adopted in Singapore. Could the creation of Open Banking APIs expand into other financial services?  
  • ISO20022 is also being adopted by Singapore’s close neighbours Thailand and the Philippines – what is the likely impact in the APAC region?  
  • Do the panel expect Singapore to see an explosion in the use of Open Banking with high levels of innovation and customer-led solutions? 

Networking with EPA Asia and Mastercard 

Breakout session, we divide the group into 4’s and have an organisation to talk to each group explain their journey warts and all. 

ModeratorsGPS, TruelayerRapyd, R3, Episode 6 

Focus on outcome from third round of licenses (expected to be announced Autumn 2020) 

Moderator: Kevin Mcadam, Emerging Payments Association 

Knowledge base session to share the Frictionless Payment developments within the APAC payment eco-system. Focus on Cross Border Payments, ISO standards, SWIFT GPI and other related activities covering clearing, instant payments future operability (including Case Management) 

Moderator: Kevin Mcadam, Emerging Payments Association 

Speaker: Julie Bolan, Direct Payments Market, Oceania at SWIFT 

Tony Craddock, Director General, EPA 

John Ryan, Director General, Emerging Payments Association Asia 

Day 2

Each delegate will be able to have an option to have 2 x 30 minute one-2-one meetings from a selection of business who have agreed to participate.

Each delegate organisation will get the chance to pitch their company to a panel of VC/local business. Each organisation will get a maximum of 7 minutes to pitch their idea followed by 8 mins of Q&A.

Delegates will be able to select who they wish to have a one-2-one with from a list of prior to the event.