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Members can submit any press releases or industry news to be published on the EPA website through this form.

Benefactors may choose up to 4 articles per month to be added into the monthly Members’ News, Community Patrons up to 3 and all Community and Scale-up Members up to 2.

If it is COVID-19 related please also tick ‘COVID-19 Toolkit’ under categories.

Please note: All submissions are subject to final approval by the EPA.  If the article you are submitting is also one you wish to have featured in the members news email please select ‘show in newsletter’ from the tags drop down – the quantity that can be featured will depend on your membership level. If you are unsure please email [email protected]

Please include names / captions for images where relevant

Please select a high-resolution image (minimum: 1000px wide, maximum: 1024 x 576 [Landscape] 400 x 600 [Portrait] )

Selecting a member here will make the Post appear on their member profile page.

Maximum: 1024 x 576 (Landscape) 400 x 600 (Portrait)

Maximum: 1024 x 576 (Landscape) 400 x 600 (Portrait)