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Fintech 2030: The Industry View

You could argue that we’ve been living in the era of fintech for decades, even centuries. Does Isaac Newton’s time as Master of the Royal Mint, where he applied scientific principles to identifying counterfeit currency, mean that fintech goes back to 1696?

However you define it, the last decade has seen fintech drive unprecedented change in financial services. Billions in investment, hundreds of new businesses with new services, new ways of offering those services, and new business models underpinning them. The fintech sector is also evolving, with competition giving way to collaboration as banks and big tech form uneasy relationships.

As we enter a new decade, the future of the fintech industry is at crossroads. It’s natural to consider what the fintech industry will look like in 2030? Will banks remain the biggest players or will they be usurped by big tech? Will data replace transactions as the primary revenued river for the industry? Has innovation peaked, or just getting started?

To answer these questions, Tribe Payments brought together 15 leading businesses from across the fintech community to provide their vision of fintech in 2030. Each is a market leader in its part of the fintech ecosystem, and together these form a fascinating glimpse into the future—from those who are creating it.

We also surveyed over a hundred executives in the European fintech sector—including our contributors—to gather insights into the wider market landscape in a decade’s time. The combination of in-depth sector-specific predictions and data-driven macro industry
insights gives us Fintech 2030: The Industry View. As we enter the next decade, the report provides a unique perspective into the future of fintech and is essential reading for firms looking to understand the biggest challenges and opportunities ahead.

Alex Reddish, Chief Commercial Officer, Tribe Payments

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Fintech 2030: The Industry View

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